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These FAQs for garage door repair are a hub of information. We cover all issues.

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  • Can galvanized steel garage door parts rust?

    Well, technically yes. Galvanized components are treated with a special coating of zinc which allows them to resist corrosion. However, if that material gets damaged and the components become exposed to air and moisture, they can still end up rusting. Also, some chemical compounds can cause galvanic corrosion, so inspect these components regularly for signs of damage.

  • What is the basic maintenance course for garage doors?

    Believe it or not, regular cleaning and lubrication can make a significant difference to the functionality of your garage doors. Garage door repair specialists in Riverdale suggest that you check on your moving parts as often as you do your car wash, clean off the dirt buildup, and apply a silicone spray.

  • How do I choose a new opener?

    This is quite a broad question, as there are many different things you'll need to consider before choosing a new garage door opener. The horsepower output necessary to move your door, for example, as well as the noisy output your new unit is going to make. Consult with our experts to make sure you are making an informed decision.

  • Why does my door refuse to move even if the opener lights blink in response to my remote?

    If the opener light blinks and the panels do not move, then the safety sensors may be detecting some obstruction that's blocking the door's path. Either that, or the sensors are misaligned and they are falsely detecting an obstacle. These are delicate components, so it's best that you contact our team to get them realigned carefully. 

  • Q: How can I ensure safety when kids are around the garage area?

    A: When you have kids at home, make sure that the controllers and remotes are kept out of reach. Children can consider them as a toy and play with them until the garage door becomes uncontrollable. Having children in the garage area can be dangerous if they reach these equipments. To ensure safety, controls should be placed in a high place.

  • How long does a garage door opener last?

    An average garage door opener usually lasts for about a decade or two, depending on its model and how frequently it gets used. With regular maintenance, however, your opener will last longer, and if you take good care of it, it may even see twenty-five years of operation. That's the quarter of a century!

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