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Electric Garage DoorThere’s probably nothing more frustrating than purchasing a new item and having it poorly installed. Of course, this stands true in the case of garage doors as well and if you are like the vast majority of the people out there, you will definitely want to make sure that your new garage door or garage door opener are installed the best way possible. Garage Door Repair Riverdale provides precisely this type of services and our contractors can help you in the shortest amount of time possible and for the lowest and most affordable fee too. Give us a call and learn more about our garage door services company and how to start working with us!

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There are three main types of electric opener drive systems.  The most traditional type of drive system that lifts and lowers garage doors is the chain drive model.  In a chain drive garage door opener, the electric motor is used to move chains that raise and lower the doors.  Because the chains are very strong and sturdy, this type is still the most common in industrial applications and for very heavy doors.  However, the chain drive system is also very loud.  Noisy opening and closing of a garage door is really annoying under a living space, like a bedroom.  To solve noise level Riverdale electric door problems in Riverdale, GA, a belt drive system can be used instead of a chain drive system.

Belt drive systems operate the same way that chain drive systems do, but the chains are replaced with rubber belts.  The belts make opening and closing the door much quieter.  Riverdale electric garage door repair professionals can inspect your opener chains or belts during routine maintenance checks to prevent damage or breaking that can cause an emergency  situation.  The third common type of electric garage door opener is a screw drive system.  This type uses a threaded steel rod instead of belts or chains to move the garage door.  Electric garage door troubleshooting is much simpler and less maintenance is required with this type because there are fewer moving parts.

If you are having electric garage door problems in Riverdale, GA, always call your local Riverdale electric garage door company professionals for help. Garage door work is very dangerous for untrained amateurs because of the weight and bulk of the doors and the moving parts.  Riverdale professionals have the training and knowledge that is necessary for safe job completion. You can rest easy and enjoy your life in the delightful southern town of Riverdale.

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